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Thursday, January 22, 2015

War Over Lincoln`s Tariff

THE REAL CAUSE OF THE WAR War: over Lincoln's Tariff? , Dabney, Dr. Robert L.The Real Cause of the War  or War Over  Lincoln`s Tariff  by Dr. R. L. Dabney
This 36 page booklet is very informative. It has an Appendix  on Abolitionism by H. Rondel Rumburg.
During the war Dabney  became Chaplin, following that chief of staff upon Jackson request and then  was requested by the Widowed Mrs. Jackson to write a biography of her husband Jackson. All this and more information can be found on the back of this book.

What was the war all about? Was it over slavery or the desire of Lincoln to collect a tariff ? In the opening chapter  Dabney gives a brief history of Virgina. Then the Controversial account of Fort Sumter is written  bring forth , the truth.  Colonel Baldwin visits  the president  at the white house  where he  asked Abraham L. to  remain faithful to the Constitution and  that they would support him. Afterwards C. Baldwin lays out a plan but too it the  L. wasts to know  what would become of his  tariff? ”

The delema was what to do with the succeeding states, should they go in peace or be compelled to remain by force.  Many newspapers and Northers firmly believed in letting the states depart in peace for that was according to the constitution.

In conclusion of the first section of this book we will understand it best by this quote “When Virginia offered him (Lincoln) a safe way to preserve the union, he preferred to destroy the union and preserve his tariffs. ”

Secondly we are rightly asked to question the true purpose of the Civil war, in the shadow of the proceeding section. Consider how the North thought the battle would be a brief one, brimming full of victory because the south was too boastful, and thus would draw back in a sudden defeat. In the conclusion their wish for the outcome of the war would be to have centralized Federal power, with high tariffs where they could have power and riches.    I need not extract much from this chapter as it can not be fully understood unless read for ones self, which is very vital in order to have a deep and clear knowledge of the times known as the Civil war.
Lastly a most wonderfully written Appendix on Abolitionism by H. Rondel Rumburg is put before us.  Abolitionists used Christianity as a cover up for their movements, so that they could justify their actions.  Learn what the Bible says about slavery and how by freeing the salves in the Underground Railroad, sin was being harbored, as the holy word of God was twisted by mans sinful heart. These people used the Bible for their own ways considering each of them a prophet in his on right.  In reality their main goal, masked over by freeing the salves, was really destroying the south that represented Christianity which they hated in its true forum. Rev Barnes the Northern Presbyterian states “ Show me that the Bible sanctions salvery and the Bible is no Bible to me. ”

In the end there is so much information in this short booklet, that is worth while reading and pondering, that one might have a better and clearer understanding about some of the most twisted http://www.biblicalandsouthernstudies.com/?page=shop/flypage&product_id=28&keyword=dabney&searchby=author&offset=0&fs=1facts of the uncivil war. One will not be disappointed with this volume.

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Have you read this book?  what are your thoughts on this war?  Are you Northern or Southern?


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