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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A 1767 reprint


The Charleston Baptist Catechism of 1767 adapted by the Charles association of Baptist Churches in Charleston S. C. in 1767
This is well worth owning and learning the doctrines by heart no matter what age the members of your household are, as the questions as well as answers are concise.

Each point has a brief well-worded explanation to the question with a few verses listed, being just the right amount to prove the answer is Biblical.

An example  is as follows 1) Who is the first and chiefest being .
A God is the first ( a) and chifest being( b).
a)     Isaiah 44:6 (b) Psalm 97:9

Starting with questions to do with God they follow with ones dealing with sin, how God saved us, sum of the ten commandments, Baptism, Lords Supper, what is prayer and concluding with the meaning of the Lords prayer.

Having each child memorize the 114 questions in the 19 pages of this booklet will change and challenge each one to think more about God as well as give an answer. Parents will impart  their young ones  a solid foundation, something  that is worth more then anything else they could bestow upon the.

This is a needed asset to the spiritual life for older children to use on their own, families to do together or younger children to memorize.  Order at http://www.biblicalandsouthernstudies.com/?page=shop/flypage&product_id=22&keyword=Catechism&searchby=description&offset=0&fs=1 for under $3!


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