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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Signs from America's Past That Signal Our Nation's Future

The Coming Revolution

The Coming Revolution Signs from America's Past That Signal Our Nation's Future

By Dr. Richard Lee
Published by Thomas Nelson

The Author, Dr. Lee is a Christian pastor and the book is written from a Christian perspective. The book was interesting in that it told much about American history and goes on to elaborate about the state of our country presently and the disparity between past and present founding principles. Our founding fathers were men of faith and moral character and our nation has transitioned into one with tremendous debt, lack of morality, violence and religious confusion.
The author touches on important things that are going on in our nation today. Although I felt a tinge of hopelessness and helplessness while reading this book, I came away in the end feeling hopeful because he ended the book with a section on "What You Can Do". I found this to be helpful in that he describes what he believes we can do to change the state of things in our nation.
Dr. Lee lists 10 things we can do to get involved. 

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