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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ordinary: How to Turn the World Upside Down by Tony Merida

The cover  caught my sister age 19 attention but i found it messy but the message in this volume was great. The author write to men and women but on his last chapter he focuses on men because after all he is a male!

What if the path toward an extraordinary life is becoming more ordinary.  This book points to the fact that everything we do is extraordinary and we have a duty. . I like ho the author covers many things which we can do!

 I was impressed with what Merida said about the International Justice Mission. The International Justice Mission addresses human-trafficking and seeks to help people in the Third World who have been unjustly treated and struggle to get justice from the authorities.  A very down to earth read.   I must admit this book has challenged me in some ways. 

Please read this is a very good book.



I received this book from the publisher through Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

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