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Monday, December 9, 2013

I have been reading!

Great book: The Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel (Bodie Hodge)

The Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of Our Ancestors reveals our shared ancestry as never before! Many are familiar with the Biblical account of Babel, but after the dispersal, there was a void beyond Biblical history until empires like Rome and Greece arose. Now, discover the truth of these people groups and their civilizations that spread across the earth and trace their roots back to Babel as well as to the sons and grandsons of Noah.
Tower of Babel Reviews Available
   Since history is one of my favourite things to study and I enjoy all aspects relating to the Bible , I was quite intrigued by this book. And I was not disappointed. .  This book in not a recouting of the story  we all know but  one who tells the complex family trees beginning with Noah and his family.  This book would be a remarkable addition to any library. I also strongly recommend all read it!

The Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of Our Ancestors reveals our shared ancestry as never before! Many are familiar with the Biblical account of Babel, but after the dispersal, there was a void beyond Biblical history until empires like Rome and Greece arose. Now, discover the truth of these people groups and their civilizations that spread across the earth and trace their roots back to Babel as well as to the sons and grandsons of Noah!

Do read! As  well as Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus

Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus by Charles Dyer. I really enjoyed it! Now I have to walk in christs foot steps.!

Valerie- now I am must read, read, read!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dino history!

Ever since I was young I read the few Dino books we had in our house but many gave a portion of the story.  Then as my love for history came up and especially in the study of Asia these creatures popped up!

Then a few years ago we went to the creation museum and after that my interest was rekindled.  Thanks to this book I was able to get a clear picture of the truth and why people from all ages wrote about them, drew about them- because they were real! Where do legends come from?  Indeed they are a mixture of truth with myth. This book made all the facts true that these large creatures did rome the earth with man! Even up to medieval times!! Perhaps today  one or more of these creatures lives on the earth.

The pictures and drawings made the  stories and science facts come alive.  Even a 3 year old at our church had me show him this book over and over again. This would make a perfect gift for a boy, or just about any one interested in some really fascinating facts about these mysteries beasts!

 Dave Woetzel    did a wonderful job catching my interest!


Thankyou or New Leaf Publishing Group.  for letting me reviw this book

Monday, July 8, 2013

Great book!!

Anselm of Canterbury by Simonetta Carr

A must read for all Christin families! All ages would really benefit from this book! I know little about this man but could not put this book down! More reviews at http://crossfocusedreviews.com/

I think the story is well written with many historical facts thus we can know the author took time to research this book! I often heard the name but never rad much about him.  I had the opportunity to read other large volumes of his famous writings but his life story until this Summer was a blur. You will come away with a deep understanding for a man who served the Lord! If you need a birthday gift for a child , this is a must!

Carr writes, “For some time, other monks had been asking him to write an answer to a question that was puzzling many people:…If God can do anything, couldn’t He have saved His people some other way” (42)?

 You will understand how God had to send his son to die.  And how this man had to answer a question that puzzled his people!

Carr does an excellent job of relating historical facts This 63 page book is a must read for all!

Anselm (1033-1109) was born on the border of France and Italy.  He had a heart for serving God but even though he did not know what the true way he did all he could to become a priestt He was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury by William II, the son of William the Conqueror.

The reading level is suitable for ages 7-12. but I would make this a family evening read aloud book! Actually this would make a great coffee table book and you will find guests will pick it up and read it.

Anselm of Canterbury by Simonetta Carr (author), Matt Abraxos (illustrator), Reformation Heritage Books, 2013, 64 pages.This book was a superb introduction to Anselm life and the best I ahve read so far!!

I highly recommend Anselm of Canterbury and pray that many will grow in their understanding of the necessity of the incarnation and of the importance and value of studying church history as a result of this fine work!!

*Many thanks to Cross Focused Reviews and Reformation Heritage Books for providing me with a complimentary copy of Anselm of Canterbury in exchange for my honest opinion!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Girls would Love!


A wonderful book which I just read ! I am saving  it as a birthday gift for my sister. It should have been made into a video! I enjoyed the trailer!! Go the web site for a preview of the book, http://www.nlpg.com/i-am-ruth-a-story-of-loss-love-redemption

The pictures in this book are so beautiful.  I was drawn into this story!! This was  made in Israel so you get a real look into her world! All girls enjoy this story so you will too!

This would make a perfect coffee table book! You will get lost in a norther world full of sorrow, troubles and joys.  See God's redeeming hand in a life of Ruth! The front of the book caught my attention!he book of Ruth doesn’t exactly begin as a happy story. Within the first three verses, we learn that during the time of the Judges of Israel, the nation experienced a famine; Elimelech moved his wife Naomi and their two sons, Chilion and Mahlon, to Moab; and then Elimelech passes away, leaving Naomi to raise their sons alone.
Eventually, Mahlon and Chilion marry two Moabite women, Ruth and Orpah. 10 years later, Mahlon and Chilion pass away, leaving the three women completely alone.Could you renounce everything and everyone you’ve known for a single person? Would you give up everything for a land, people, culture and God that you barely knew? That’s what Ruth did.
Ruth and Naomi make it to Bethlehem just in time for the barley harvest. They have nothing and no real idea how they will provide for themselves. Ruth is an enterprising and hardworking young woman, though, so she asks Naomi if it’s okay for her to find a field and follow the harvesters so she can gather the barley the harvesters miss. Through God’s planning, the field Ruth chooses happens to belong to Naomi’s relative, Boaz.

Image of Brenda Carol Duff
Little did her mother know that the first and middle names she chose for her would actually describe two of Brenda's favorite interests. Brenda from the comic strip "Brenda Star," a redheaded reporter who loved to research a story, and Carol because her mom wanted her to sing. She's been singing since the age of four.
Research has been a part of Brenda's life for many years. She had the privilege of working for Liberty University for the dean of students and the president of the college, and also for radio syndication. During this time she took a few courses and majored in psychology.
She also worked in the City Secretary's Office of Irving, Texas and often researched ordinances and resolutions. Later she would work for an underwriter of commercial land loans, where she did a great deal of research on the land and principles of loan requests

Do red this book which I got free to review!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A very good book!

Gospel centered mom. This book,was such a blessing to me.I,am now a  mother of one little boy and can,relate to,what the authorher is saying. I loved how she always brought one back,to Christ. She writes in a very pleasing manner.
Thanks for the book to,review. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The American Dream

America is a unique nation in history. No nation has been as free, prosperous, charitable, and virtuous. This has nothing to do with any inherent value of the American people, but has to do with the valuable ideas upon which she was founded. Seven foundational ideas are examined that produced the American Dream, all of which are Biblical in their origin and were planted by the early settlers. The first seed principles were planted in Jamestown 400 years ago. Though often ignored, Christianity was vital for the beginning of Virginia; God's hand was evident in preserving the colony and the lives of many of its founders. The American Dream looks at the Rev. Richard Hakluyt, the man most influential in English colonization in the new world, and his motive "to inlarge the glory of the gospell." It documents the important role of the Christian faith in the founding of Virginia, and shows how the colonists' desire to propagate the Christian religion, as recorded in the First Charter of Virginia (1606), was fulfilled in Pocahontas and other native Americans. The ideas that made America exceptional were planted and grew in all the colonies, producing much fruit in the early American republic. Today, however, these ideas are under attack and are being displaced by secular ideas. For the American Dream to continue, we must remember from where we came and return the nation to its original Godly covenant. 

I really enjoyed this  book and think you should all read it!! I have always been fascinated with history and America , so this was a perfect read.