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Saturday, January 24, 2015


I must confess i didn’t know that much about Pereshing  but having enjoyed the author's civil war book I decided to read this book! .A lesser know General than most of them ,but a very important one .This is the
 latest in Thomas Nelson's The Generals Series.  The full title is Pershing: Commander of the Great War. I received a free copy from BookSneeze,
This  book was written to provide a  short biography of some of the great military leaders of American History. One of the intentions is to include a look at the personal and religious life of the generals in question as well as their military success. John Perry has tackled several biographies, including the aforementioned biography of Lee in this series and one of his wife!. Here, he crafts a compelling tale of General "Black Jack" Pershing who commanded the American Expeditionary Force during the Great War, World War I. Pershing is perhaps the least known of the few Generals of the Army that the United States has had.
The book covers the span of Pershing's life, beginning with his first memories of a border battle in the Civil War. Further details about the early life of Pershing include his teaching of children of former slaves and the impact of the end of the Franco-Prussian War on his family. The first chapter moves at a great clip from the childhood of Pershing to his graduation from West Point.
The following chapters summarize Pershing's life in the military. His personal life is mentioned but not heavily dwelt on until his marriage, and his religious beliefs are vaguely alluded to at one point. Perry gives the reader a look at where Pershing served, what his life was like, and where he went next.
Details are served in highlighting short incidents, with an eye toward illuminating the man through vignettes. " When the French General-in-chief relieved him of command, Pershing ignored the order and went on to stop the Germans forty five miles from Paris,saving a nation  and probably a Continent.
In all, I feel like I know a little more about General Pershing although I am still in the middle of the book. Recommended for history buffs, students, and military folks.  You will find this author has an excellent
 writing quality and interesting subject material on generals in the United States' past. This book tells of John Joseph Pershing, General of the Armies during World War I. Yet this amazing figure has been overshadowed by other generals in history, despite his contributions to our nation.

John Pershing was the leader of the United States forces during World War I, but his war experience led back far further. He was involved in the Spanish-American war, as governor of the Philippines, and in the American West.
Again, this biography is written by John Perry, who has a history of excellent biography after his Lee work. I highly recommend this book to learn a little bit more about a great man in American history that is worth learning about. Photo for John Perry
He also is the author of Lady of Arlington, the biography of Mary Custis Lee, wife of Robert E. Lee and great-granddaughter of Martha Washington

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