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Friday, January 23, 2015

For sale

  I am selling this book for $30 ( including shipping) a saving of $14!

What do you need in order to plan a wedding efficiently and joyfully? What does the Bible say about weddings? All Things Are Ready is full of to-do lists, planning resources, tips, budgeting and timeline tools, options for personalizing your wedding, ideas for portraying biblical themes, and devotions to keep your focus on the Lord and the work He is doing in your life through marriage. A must-have book for every Christian bride-to-be.Today's book review is on one every girl should read. I just read this book and every girl or mother would enjoy it.  Amy Hays write many interesting things like why a short term engagement might just be best because one has less time to dream and more to focus.  Each chapter has a section for one to write notes. I shall use it when my time comes.

There is also a master 12 week engagement calender that lays out all you have to do in this busy time. Then I enjoyed the note to the bride as it points out that the glory is of two coming together as one in Christ.  Not only is this book for brides but the groom, mother and father each have encouraging chapters full of Bible verses.
Here are a few other topics you’ll find in Amy’s planner:
  • How you can use your time as “bride” to be a blessing to others
  • Things to consider when choosing the best date and time for your wedding
  • Thinking creatively about a location for your wedding (with sixteen different location ideas)
  • How to be considerate when choosing your wedding attendants
  • How to identify your wedding priorities and spend your money where it counts most
  • How to save money by being flexible and thinking creatively
  • How to weave a consistent style and feel through all the elements of your wedding
  • Creative ideas for making your wedding uniquely yours
  • How to choose the right stores for your wedding gift registry
  • Why premarital counseling is one of the most important steps towards creating a glorious marriage.
  • How to prioritize and delegate wedding preparation tasks
  • A one-page master checklist of the important stuff (those things you don’t want to forget about)
  • Reasons for a longer or shorter engagement
  • How to plan a wedding in twelve weeks (or less)
  • How to incorporate biblical themes and imagery into your wedding.
Sixteen chapters include:
  • Engagement
  • Setting Your Date
  • Finding a Location
  • Wedding Budget
  • Wedding Style
  • The Wedding Party
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Apparel
  • Wedding Photography
  • The Wedding Ceremony
  • The Wedding Reception
  • Flowers and Decor
  • The Week of the Wedding
  • Wedding Help
  • Wedding Themes from Scripture
  • After the Wedding3 month wedding planning checklist from "All Things Are Ready"
The author also has a  blog http://www.weddingchristian.com/the-wedding-planner/

Doorpost sells the book at http://www.doorposts.com/details.aspx?id=121

I received this book free from the publisher through the ”http://www.bookcrash.com”  book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Now I want to share some quotes and tips from the book.

Once in awhile, 
Right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
Love gives us a fairy tale.
~ Anonymous ~

" A spirit of Thanksgiving as you take the money you have available and use it wisely on your wedding will find joy where others find stress."

May your future husband be: Honorable on every way!

Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one. ~ Friedrich Halm ~

"Sunday is the Lord's day .  It is a day He has give  us for worshipping Christ...Having a wedding on Sunday turns His day into your day.  It potentially pressures others to skip worship in order to attend your wedding.  Day of rest ... you want to see Christ glorified through your marriage, His day is not a day to use for a wedding."

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company 
than a good marriage. 
~ Martin Luther ~

"One of the first things to decided is your date.  If  your wedding falls around mealtime you will be expected to provided a full meal at the reception."

Also your "knight" must have a vision for his life and be a believer of courtship!

This day I will marry my best friend, 
the one I laugh with, 
live for, 
dream with, 

~ Author Unknown ~

"Loving your neighbor may mean changing the date to allow  a particular person to participate ( in your wedding). Getting married just wouldn't be the same with out bridesmaids."

Love is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction.~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~ 

He must know how to laugh and to be serious.  Most of all he must be spiritually head over shoulders above others as in 1 Samuel 9:3

Honor your marriage."
" Start designing your dress right away."
" Part of looking your best on the big  day is a lovely hairdo.  Schedule a trial run."
" The Lord bless you and keep you: The Lord make  His face shine upon you...".

announcing your engagement or is an occasion for making a public announcement
of the engagement.An engagement party is either held within the first few weeks of publicly
Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Engagement parties are traditionally thrown by the bride’s family, but this is not a
hard and fast rule. . Remember that unless you are throwing the party
yourself, you should defer to the wishes of those hosting this event for you. Let
them set the tone and agenda for the event. If they ask you what you would like,
discuss it with your fiancé and give your thoughts, but not demands."

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.  ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The party can be anything from an impromptu party the weekend after he proposes to aninvitation-only event to start the marriage celebrations early! 
May your future husband be : ready to be sent by the Lord- Isiah 6:8,
Blameless- Psalm 119:1
and keeps the Lords statutes.

The highest happiness on earth is marriage.  ~William Lyon Phelps

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