A Grand read

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


God's Allstar Baseball Team

I got this book not because I am a fan of baseball  but because it brigs  me back to  some fond memories.  Also  wanted to learn about Art! this book is full of pictures!! It was fun to follow his life story.  and there were some really funny episodes  especially about his brothers and  mother. Interesting perspective on how God can use this sport to teach us abut  him  in his word.  Funny how the Bible can be looked at in many different lights.  I hope you are on God's base ball team.  Learn about God's love in this book and how he broke Art to use  him for his glory. 

Side  note I don't agree with all the doctrine but you make the call.

Thanks olive press for the book to review!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mind spinning Adventure

I had to read this book as the author is Canadian. I am too, having lived  in this land till I was 6. In fact the author Sandra ( who has  my middle  name) lives in Ontario where  my grandma lives!  I was shocked at  how good the writing was. I guess I learned all Canadian authors in the same band wagon , and  never cared for their writing style. This is very true of French books ( they are always watered  down- except for a few ).  but not of the English speaking population,  They have a fin style that is well worth reading.  This one contained  romance, mystery leaving you wanting  more.

Fall right into a  mystery. If the author does not write  more about Serena Jane I am going to go crazy.  She leaves you hanging as the character runs of yet to another thrilling adventure.  Follow her  in her art endeavors  to save  valuable  paintings.  She is brilliant  at all she devours to figure out.  Follow the characters into this novel.

Thanks  Revell for the book to review.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Playing the part

Playing the Part by Jen Turano

Surprisingly  this was a good read despite it being a romance. I liked the gentlemen in this story better than the ladies. I found the plot was very interesting.   Who wrote the  plays that Lucetta acts and why is the basement  of the house she is visiting set up as a death chamber? Are all men out to get her.  Would it be better for her to return to life on the stage?  There she could be a star but her step father is  problem.

Find out if her fans will ruin her life or she will rise above them.  Very well written .  Jen has done yet  another fabulous job on her books.

Thank you Bethany house for this book to review.