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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

History lovers will enjoy!

I have several things to post since my heart is burdened! You must read the above book to understand government.  We are doing an on line class and I read this book and it was grand!   This book is recomended by Marshall Foster, william Feder, Hatherine Dang, Paul Jehle,  and many more well know speakers.   Where there is no law there is no freedom.   This is a very thourogh book on his life and how he changed the goverment in America with his chrisitian principles.  I think that John is the most important  american in American history but so few kknow anythign about him.   Do order this book from www.NordskogPublishing.com and you will not be disappointed!  His Biblical-governmental reasoning inspired English and American Bills of Rights and is quoted almost verbatim in our Declaration of Independence. Locke was the most widely read, taught from, and quoted writer in the establishment of American liberty. Jefferson considered him one of the three greatest men who ever lived. This book will inspire and equip Americans to restore and preserve our liberty for future generations! The magnum opus of this accomplished scholar and author will stand as the definitive biography and historical account of the most read and quoted thinker of our Independence era. The Biblical reasoning of John Locke was a major influence on the Founders in formulating American civil liberty.

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