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Saturday, November 21, 2015


The Chili Cookbook

Think of winter foods and you will love this book!  Lots of ides for everyone!  It has a great amount of pictures too! Not only that but the history about this food was fascinating!  With about 60 recipes you can make chili with bean or with out.  This would  be a perfect gift with a chili spice mix!  Order today on amazon/
 You will find these chapters!


Chile Identification Guide  

PART 1 Chili’s Family Tree
CH 1 Lobster Chili in Old Mexico  
CH 2 Christmas in New Mexico  
CH 3 Goulash, Kima, and Tagine  
Melting Pot Chili  

PART 2 Tex-Mex Traditions
CH 4 Longhorns, Chili Queens, and the Cradle of Texas Chili  
CH 5 Comida Tex-Mex  Chili Cook-Offs  

PART 3 Chili Road Trip
CH 6 Route 66 and Other Kicks  
Chili with Beans  
CH 7 Coneys and Three-Ways: Greek-American Chili Traditions  
CH 8 Half-Smokes and All That Jazz: African-American Chili Traditions 

PART 4 Modern and Vegetarian Chilis
CH 9 Modern Chili  
CH 10 Vegetarian Chili  

Epilogue: How to Throw a Chili Party