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Friday, January 9, 2015

Popular Huguenots Book

Done and Dared in Old FranceIn the late seventeenth century, a Huguenot boy is taken in by a group of outlaws and spends several years smuggling salt for them before meeting the famous pastor, Claude Brousson, who informs him that his family escaped France and lives in England.

Ten-year-old Gaspard, accidentally separated from his parents, is raised by a group of outlaw salt runners who fear neither God nor man. . . . Through the providence of God, Gaspard's heart turns to Him in faith and after a series of adventures is able to flee France to the safer Protestant shores of England. Fine and absorbing reading. Deborah Alcock has wonderful vocabulary, is a marvelous story-teller, and brings out the amazing hand of God's almighty power in every chapter. Highly recommended.

A very interesting read.  The story never lags for interest, and children and adults will enjoy .It is factually correct and makes a good history lesson for children and adults on a portion of reformed Christian history that is not well known.

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