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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This is a powerful Baptist sermon proving immersion as the Biblical mode of baptism.

 A Discourse In Vindication of the Doctrine and Practice  of the Baptist Denomination By Pastor Richard Furman 1840

This is a powerful 35 page Baptist sermon proving immersion as the Biblical mode of baptism.  Furman uses scriptures to bring us to a Godly conclusion on matters  as the author comes forth in defense of the principles of the Gospel of Christ.

In his opening remarks he states briefly some of the leading truths in the holy word of God.  He quotes “We have ever believed in the unqualified and universal depravity of our race…

After this the author proceeded to show us some of the charges put forth against Baptists, making a strong enlightened discourse on how falsely they are accused. His main point as I mentioned earlier is Baptism; thus he gives a deep Biblical understanding on the subject with Greek meanings of words. Three questions are answered 1) who can be baptized (he exhorts believers to be baptized), 2) How ought it to be done and 3) what the Baptist believe on this subject (“ a rise and be baptized, It is not essential to Salvation…it is the first fruit.”).

In his other issues he gives a strong defensive sermon.  One being on the Calvinistic doctrine where they are accused of calling themselves Calvinists and not preaching the doctrines of Calvin. To which is answered “ We have no master but Christ, ” and thus we are warned against elevating Christians, for they are but tools in Gods hands used for his divine purposes.  Following that are other points such as salvation by grace alone, church and pastoral discipline.

Each portion is well written in a manor that is clear and leaves no doubt as to the meaning of the truths in the word of God.  This book ought to be read by any one who wishes to have a stronger understanding on God given mandates.

 Note: There is a biographical sketch of Furman on the back of the cover, which is most interesting   Order from http://www.biblicalandsouthernstudies.com/? page=shop/flypage&product_id=36&keyword=richard&searchby=author&offset=0&fs=1  for under $3

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