A Grand read

Monday, September 28, 2015


Owls by Matt Sewell A very cute book with different drawing s by artiest Matt Sewell!  Matt Sewell is an outstanding illustrator who has published several illustrated books. Being an Ornithologist.. Sewell focuses his work on BIRDS!
I think it is the judicious selection of text, with the detailed illustrations, and the factoids distributed throughout, that makes up her winning formula. Especially liked the identification of the different types of owls and the illustrations 

Monday, September 14, 2015

what to eat

What to Eat When You're Pregnant  This is a book all pregnant ladies should have!  so many tips and advice  for every week. Keeps you knowing how healthy the baby will be! What to Eat When You're Pregnant has a;ready been put to use by a friend.

It even has recipes in the book!There are not many books out there that explain WHY it's so important to eat certain foods at each stage of pregnancy and breastfeeding.This very well written book provides practical and realistic guidance to supplement your providers advice when you are contemplating or working on becoming pregnant, through those tied groggy days of little sleep, breast feeding, and temptation to grab that Snickers.  Week by week, pregnant women learn the why, the what and the how from a point of view that is at once scientific and nurturing. What more empowering way for prospective mothers to begin the act of creation than to healthfully bite into it?

i got this to review!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


A very uplifting  book.  This makes a good wedding gift. I am giving it to a bride to be .This is  read all brides need. The battle is raging and we need all the help we can get!
This book is not only for new brides but will benefit any woman who feels defenseless in the midst of a raging battlefield. Jennifer is vulnerable and real about the war being fought and how it must be won. She shares from her personal experience and then she provides Scripture after Scripture to build you up and give you confidence.

It is well worth the read for any age.  fathers might even consider giving it to their daughters before their wedding!
I thank cross Focused books for the free book.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fun book

My first \hands on Biblehttp://
This is a cute kids book/  It is  a fun way to show kids Gods words! It is perfect for  three and 4 year old children especially girls. I am suing it at lunch time for the little girl I nanny. She looks forward to one chapter a day, eating her lucnh and then doing the activities.

Thanks for the review copy !