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Monday, September 22, 2014


Displaying Revelation Cover (Web Front).png I found this book to be well rounded.  The history about the churches was very good. the 7 churches  are in Turkey, Russia and the Ukraine to the north and Syria, Sreal and Saudi Arabia  to the South.  I enjoyed how the author brought out the fact that this book refers to the number 7 a lot ; 7 churches, scales, trumpets, persons, vials, dooms and more.

The book of Revelation is a love letter to the church. Yet most view it as troubling, and many misunderstand what the Lord is trying to tell us. Didn’t the Jews in Jesus’ day have some of the same problems? 

Follow Joh as he is sent to  the isle of Patmos in the Agean Sea 30 miles  off the west coast of Turkey. Then see what visions the Lord gave him. In the first chapter you will see a description o who Jesus is . Chapter 2 tells  what is happening  in the churches during John;s  life.  

Revelation: The Best is Yet to Come provides a simple running commentary and interpretive guide for the beginner. Our hope is that laypersons and preachers not familiar with the book of Revelation will be encouraged to do a more in-depth study. The material takes an unashamed pretribulation, premillennial position within a traditional dispensational framework.

I felt like the author did a good job and it was worth the read, even if I am not dispensational or premillennnial. Check it out at http://www.lifesentencepublishing.com/revelation-blog-tour/
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