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Friday, September 19, 2014

Dating or courtship?

I am very interested in the authors ideas on this subject and he did a good job!

"There are thousands of Godly young people who want to get married, are ready to get married, and should be married… indeed should have been married long ago… who are not married. Their church, their friends, and their families have all prepared them for marriage, for early marriage, for early, fruitful marriage… and they are not married.  This caught my attention and so I read and saw that many times we do not know  why we o something.  Right now I see why s many seem to fall back into dating when courtship does not work.

"Scripture provides clear answers to this crisis: which we have ignored because they run counter to our culture. It is time that we began to take every thought captive to Christ, and throw off the chains of bondage to this world. It is time we ‘let them marry’."

This book pints out  what dating, courtship and  betrothal are and lets the reader  decide which one to follow. I loved how there were conversations  between different characters. I felt like I was with them and could really relate to them.

Even though i did not agree with all of the authors  beliefs I was very glad to have  been given a free copy of this book to read! Think twice about why you want to court. what is the most important part the start of a courtship or the engagement. Which one is more of a surprise to you. Read this book for Biblical answers!

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