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Friday, September 19, 2014

Understanding the Psalms

I was delighted with this book.  I believe the book of Psalms  is vitally needed for  life. I was happy to learn that  the whole Psalm is about Christ. This is a book about the first 8 Psalms. I hope  the author continues and write many other books about the other Psalms as I would purchase all of them. And recommend them to every one!!

I was moved  to meditate on the Psalms and  make them a subject of prayer.   I learned  some valuable lessons which I never knew one being  that Psalms 1 and 2 are originally one Psalms. You too will find many nuggets, you never knew about. It is good to have books with reminders of things one already knew but it is ever better  to have volumes with information in it you never knew. This enhances ones knowledge of  Christ the Lord!!

By the end of the book I wanted more so i could delight my self in God's law. For now I will re read this book and use it in my quite time so that I can be obedient to it. For Jesus set  an example , by praying and  meditating on the scriptures. May I be like Him!

Thanks  for the book!!

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