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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How will the world end?

It’s short – 93 pages with six chapters; it’s fairly comprehensive on the basics of the end times; it’s a very quick and easy read; and will serve very well for a small group Bible study and surely open up a room of discussion.

  This is a deep study on end times with a look at  what different groups believe. Chapter 3 focuses on how Jesus will return. "Jesus will return publicly, gloriously, victoriously and saving  I really thought this was the perfect size of book to carry in ones purse or brief case to read a bit when there is time ( it might jsut become your  new track!).  This would be a wonderful book to give students on campus or to use in a Bible study! Short but packed with information! Overall I was very pleased with this book. Also it would be good to send to soldiers  or give to graduation students so they can be grounded in their  faith! Rinne answers the question presented in the title of the book in the very first chapter – How will the world end? So do read to know what the conclusion is!  He, Jeramie, Rinne,  very pointedly states that, "God returns as judge… yes. But he also  shows how God is love! This s my first book by this author but I enjoyed him  so much I am already reading another! And it will nto be my last!!

Do not turn away by how small the book is, it is short but the price is not expensive so you can easily order your copy today and then some to share with  friends, family, your church, students and any one you meet!  The author , lays out the different views of Christ’s second coming (i.e. premillenial, postmillennial, etc.) . This I thought was very insightful especially when one is going to encounter the different beliefs when talking to others. This went perfect with what the men are studying at our church!
 I know that those who are inspired to study about end times, will be especially interested in this book! 
As for the other reader, casually picking up this book out of curiosity, I do  think it will capture their attention, too. It was a good book ! Great for those wanting to learn more about the book of Revelation, and for those who may have questions about the end of the world. Definitely recommend! 

This book was provided by “thegoodbook company” for review.

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