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Friday, August 8, 2014

Good bye to this book!

Big bright bold pictures to captivate young readers. I would highly recommend such a story if it did not play with the Bible.  It takes the Biblical account of Noah and the ark and changes it completely! It shows kids that God is not a God of order and that the Bible has no value!"Goodnight, Ark" is a relatively short book, and each page only has a few sentences on it, detailing the animals' antics on Noah's ark.

I would say young children would like the pictures because i thought the artist did a great job - especially with her boars! In this story Noah has to put the animals to bed in a funny way. Nothing in this story is right,  animals have free roam of Ark, Noah has on the wrong clothing- yellow overalls and his bed is wrong. If this had been a story about a farmer or a Zoo keeper fine but I don't like playing with the Bible!

I did like the artists drawings so will be looking up some of her other work. Her pictures in their bright form are perfect for young kids! This book is not worth the money!

Thanks The BookLook Bloggers Team for letting me review this book!

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