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Monday, August 25, 2014

You can Memorize Scripture!

I am very  much into understanding the brain so reading how the brain affects scripture memorizing was just amazing! God says to mediate on his word day and night but how can we do it if we have to live a normal life. eat, work, school and even play? This book teaches the building blocks to storing scripture in the mind so as to be able to fight the devil and resist temptation! I would defiantly recommend you purchase this helpful tool. I think all members of churches should have it too!! I actually loved it so much that, I gave one to my 16 year old sister to read. It is not too large of a book, a very good size to carry with you . Would make a great read while in the car or at the doctors office. I think this is a great graduation gift!

, Dr. Morris offers practical steps for how to dissect a verse or passage into manageable, memory-sized peices using simple devices to help our memories retain the words. He also presents a thoughtful rationale why memorizing scripture is not optional, but should be a normal part of our daily walk.
I really enjoyed this book and I learned some new principles to help me with memorizing scripture
Thank you  for this grand read!LIFE SENTENCE Publishing

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