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Monday, August 18, 2014

Blessings from the Throne of God!

The River of God: Blessings from the Throne to the Uttermost Parts of the Earth 

This book was well worth the read!I enjoyed how this book started out with Geneses. As I read this book I asked the Lord to give me  eyes to see and ears to hear! Then the author moves us on to Revelations to show how this  book corresponds with the Bible! I enjoyed the numerous verses in this book.  It was good to see how God caused evil to turn on itself. The more I was drawn into this book , the more I saw that I needed yo cleanse my heart! The author points out  "we must place our hearts on the  alter until the Lord has  effected a complete  cleansing. Become a living  sacrifice."

The River of God opens with the river in the garden of Eden, defines God’s plans through biblical prophecy, numerology, and typology, and culminates in Revelation with the pure river of life proceeding from the throne of God for His people.

Russell Stendal, a former hostage of Colombian rebels, is a lifelong missionary to that same group in the jungles of Colombia. He is an influential friend to military and government leaders in Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States. Russell’s ministry shares the gospel via twelve radio stations, hundreds of thousands of Bibles, books, and movies distributed through airplane parachute drops, and numerous speaking engagements for groups of leaders, prisoners, and individuals. Russell goes wherever the Lord leads, whether it’s to speak with a president or go deep into the jungle to help an individual in trouble. He has witnessed thousands commit their lives to Christ.

So often this book made me stop and think :"On the outside does it  appear I am  glorifying  God, but on the inside  everything is rotten.' I really enjoyed the authors   writing and learned a lot about a hard book in the Bible - Revelations! For more info go to 

 Thanks for letting me review this book LIFE SENTENCE Publishing

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