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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Birthday

I don't know  how much parents  will like this book as  it might  drive  them crazy but I know children will love  pressing the  button over  and over again. I  gave  it to a little  two year old for his  birthday and he walks  around the  house  singing " happy birthday " in his own cute  voice.  As you can tell this book is  all about  the  wondrous things  called  a birthday.  I got it  early to preview  for you all. It  comes  out  at  the  end of  August  I think the  23rd. Two to five  year olds  will love  this  7  by 8 inch sturdy board  book. 16 pages  at a good reasonable price  $12.99.  look for  it on amazon.

Michelle  Adams  knows kids  well having  two her  self. The art  work is fun and done by Sandra  Rodriguz who uses  watercolor.

This book will be a treasured volume  to read  each birthday.