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Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Texas Gold Novel


I love  history so this  front  caught my eye.  I as  surprised  at  the  content  .  This is  the  4th book in the  series. For me it is  a first  and a last  for  me. I am getting very tired of  romances  where the  guy thinks he is in love with a  different girl till some one else  just seems to drop from the  sky.

I tried  to like  this  book but I just  could not get into it. .  The charters  Leta  and  Nathan did not  jump out at  me..  Inf act  I did  not  like  how  one  of  Leta's  friend  seems to have  no  moral standers  and drifts  from guy to guy.  It might have  been good  if  less  romance had  been thrown into it.

Most  people  will like it if they want  a romance. The  setting is in Texas  and is very political.

Thanks  Revell for the book to review.

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