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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Divine Grace

I enjoyed  this  book as it  was  a true  story. Lona  shows  that  faith  in  God  pulled  her  through  when she lost her  husband  to a  sad  divorce and  almost  lost her daughter to rebellion.   Follow   this teen  age  girl in her journey to true faith  in God. If you have  a  child who is  rebellious ad won't  do anything  you ask then this  is  a good  book for you. Not a book on parenting advice to tell you exactly what  to do . This  one is  a  true  story  and you can learn a lot  of  lessons of how  during her time  of grieving  for  her  husband she had  to take  on a new  roll of  parenting all alone.

This book points to God' grace  and gives  him all the  glory.

Thank you Olive  press  for the  book to review.

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