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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The best Pilgrim Progress

I am excited to tell you about the new publication of Pilgrim's Progress. It is updated, in Modern English, but still has the original illustrations.  The old English did not bother me but it has a lot of other people. What I  loved about this addition were all the Bible verses written out and not just the references quoted. I always read a christen book with my Bible in hand but so many people jsut do not do so and miss so much.  https://anekopress.com/pilgrims-progress-tour/

This is a must to add to your library! 

About John Bunyan 
John Bunyan was born November 1628, in Elstow, England. A celebrated English minister and preacher, he wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress (1678), the book that was the most characteristic expression of the Puritan religious outlook. His other works include doctrinal and controversial writings; a spiritual autobiography, Grace Abounding (1666); and the allegoryThe Holy War (1682).

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