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Monday, April 27, 2015

a reproduction of Smith's address delivered at the inauguration of the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Building, Virginia Military

The Religious Character of Stonewall Jackson an address by James Power Smith D.D. sold at http://www.biblicalandsouthernstudies.com/?page=shop/flypage&product_id=15&keyword=jackson&searchby=title&offset=0&fs=1

This 12 page address was delivered on June 23 1877 at the Inauguration of the Stonewall Jackson memorial Building, Virginia Military Institute.
It is fitting that the advocate Captain and ADC staff of General Jackson should be the one to address the assembled crowed, for James Power Smith considered Jackson to be like a father and was very familiar with his religious character. Thus an over view of the life and character of a greatly beloved Christian is set before us in a clear and decisive manor.

This prodigy, Stonewall Jackson, had faith, which sufficed to be everything he could wish to have to guide him and able him to transact the Lords will. Thus for the rest of his time on earth God was always for most in his thought and accounts.
This booklet will cause you to become acquainted with a humble person and thus you will be spurred on to read and perceive more of the life of one who rejoiced to walk in the love of God.
Jackson was a sinner saved by the grace of God, who daily strove to overcome his sins by turning to Gods word for guidance. Glimpses of his tenderness for the lost are shown to us as being one of the many Christ like traits of this leader.
The conclusion of this address is a charge to young men to not forget the example Jackson left. I too would like to ask us to imitate such a holy man’s walk with God, that when we die, others may remember us as a true Christian, who was ready to die when the Lord called.

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