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Monday, March 9, 2015

Not worth your time

I tried very hard to get into this book but it just dint hold my attention even though I read it three times.This was a good read at times, but not anything earth shattering. Lots of common sense advice that I think most of us know,  I liked this book even though I never felt like I got enthusiastic about it. 

Christians are longing for more life in their lives, a sense that they're more present to Jesus and to their own story in thee very day. They're looking for the answer to the deepest question of human experience: "How do I find the freedom I crave, and become the person I long to be?" Too often, though, they're scared to risk too much to find the answer--so they simply continue to lead lives of "quiet desperation."

 I actually could not in good conscious give this to my friend. I ended up getting rid of it . Why? Because  it never answered  any questions but left me hanging.I didn't find this book too helpful.

As a whole, this book is simply not worth the time. 

I got this free to review.

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