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Monday, March 30, 2015


   When I received this book from the publisher, I was immediately delighted on account of the  qualities of this lovely book!  I loved the front- I am a southern and sweet tea fan!   This would  make a great book to read a chapter each night.  These  chapters are short but give you a little to think upon while you fall a sleep.  I thought the loveliness of the design quite fitting with the treasures contained on the pages within!  I fell in love with this  read by a southern girl.  After each chapter there is a page of questions.  I think think this would also make a good book to read over lunch hour while at work.   This book are compiled and organized to bring wisdom and peace to the reader. . ! I encourage you to read each chapter carefully and dwell on each portion. Also, don't skip over the application questions which conclude each devotion. Let the Lord use this book in your life to bring you closer to Him!

From my first look at this delightful little book, I knew that it would be my devotional for the upcoming year. I look forward to learning from these chapters through 2015!
She starts with a single Bible verse to introduce her devotion and ends with suggested scripture readings and thought-provoking journaling questions to keep her readers thinking about the devotion and growing in God's Word. 

 I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

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