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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A must read!

I was so impressed with this  book. It is one I highly recommend to all to read.Living in an era of highly technical medicine is comforting and sometimes confusing. How should Christians make life and death decisions?

This is an adult book well worth the read. In our day and age of  cloning we really need to focus on the Bible and what is says about it. First it the author tells us the history of his new approach and then he quickly and clearly points us to the Bible for truths if we should do this. She shows us that we  should never just trust science and  medical resources  with out the Bible.  I was truly blessed by this book and will definitely recommend it to others.Overall, this is a clear concisely packaged exposition of what  Bioethics is. 

Those interested in fighting against abortion will really be blessed by the chapter in this volume. I was deeply touched by one  mothers sacrifice for her unborn baby,. she refused  cancer treatment to her little one could live! This book is a refreshing and encouraging read

This is a great book to read and understand, and small enough to finish in one or two days  but very deep with a lot to ponder.This is an excellent and very helpful book.

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