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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Uncommon Marriage Adventure

A very good book to read the 1-3 pages in each chapter perhaps in the morning with your spouse before work.This book is structured as a devotional with sixteen weeks worth of lessons, with short chapters directed specifically at either men or women which largely alternate between the two, those written by Lauren for wives and those written by Tony for husbands.

I did not agree with all of it but I can see the authors  passion for helping others. 

This book points out several things
Honor parents, value their  wisdom and seek out their best. 
Serve others. Have a changed attitude

What I really liked was a point that says something like this. .I can't choose my situation but I can always choose my attitude.

Among the many qualities that make this book excellent is the fact that it is real. It is clear from this book that both authors care deeply for each other, respect each other highly, and are committed to each other’s well being.

Not a a favorite but I am glad to have read and gleaned from this book.

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