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Monday, November 10, 2014


Road Trip: The Journey to Life, Love, Learning, Labor and Leadership

I dislike having to do two negative reviews in a row but some how I have to. I was told : This book will help you:
  • Deepen your faith with seven core values to guide you through the five big decisions of young adulthood.
I am sorry I never felt  myself   having  been touched by this book or a desire to read or share with some one else.
  • Enhance your godly passion for dating, marriage, child-raising, and family life.
This section bothered me because I am not quite sure what the author means when he speaks of dating.
  • Strengthen your abilities to handle academics, worldview, and campus life.
  • This was an ok, section but not my take on life.

  • Increase your career prospects with a road map to craftsmanship.
  • Good chapter for  men but for  women it  is hard for them to have a career and be a mother. I wonder what the author thinks of  mothers working.

  • Expand your impact on your world!
I am sad to have to let  people know i would not waist ones tome on this volume

Thanks  for book LIFE SENTENCE Publishing

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