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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I am delighted to share with you a wonderful read! Yes I am still reading and finding good worth while books.This short book has three sections. “Knowing God as Triune” contains the bulk of the book and establishes Owen’s focus on communion with the Trinity.

“Heavenly Mindedness and Apostasy” places emphasis on public worship and the ways that believers can both cultivate and destroy it.

 “Covenant and Church” most directly addresses the church’s worship under the New Covenan

This book is part of the “Profiles in Reformed Spirituality” series, edited by Joel Beeke and Michael Haykin, which aims to, “introduce the spirituality and piety of the Reformed tradition by presenting descriptions of the lives of notable Christians with select passages from their works.” This was indeed well done and worth the read.

There is much to commend the book. The editor has updated some of the language of Owen and most importantly, added some paragraph markers making the flow of thought a little easier. The selections do serve as a nice introduction to Owen's writings, as they are usually less than three pages. The majority of the book is Owen's text without much commentary. who needs to comment on sch a great writer."There is no death of sin without the death of Christ." ~ John Owen

Please read !

With thanks to Cross Focused Reviews and Reformation Heritage Books for this review copy!This book was provided gratis by the publisher and Cross-Focused Reviews in exchange for a review.

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