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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Please read to understand!

I wanted to say sorry I wrote http://wise-like-solomon.blogspot.com/2014/04/avoid.html and then read more from this author. His blog is greathttp://www.timothywillard.com/blog/?offset=1398590743887. The Lord aslo convicted me to read this book again!Home Behind the Sun is a beautiful, intelligent, weighty collection. Read it to see what I missed the first time!

He writes You must be devoted to getting off your couch and turning the TV off. That's step one. Stop trolling social media for people talking about the next new great show. It's all digital noise, literally. You want tape hiss? Then shut off your TV for a year. See how that grabs you.


a. Listen to Pearl Jam once a week 
b. Remember: growing herbs is better than watching TV
c. St. Bernardus
d. Long walks after dinner
e. Sitting in the grass, then rolling around in it
f. Remember that you're not that important
g. Twitter isn't real
h. Hangle-burgers
i. Arminian Theology
j. The Spavinaw Creek holds truth, as do baguettes (Thank you Seth Haines)
k. Flyfishing is like baptism
l. Daffodils speak louder than your blog or news feed

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