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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Kombucha Revolution: 75 Recipes for Homemade Brews, Fixers, Elixirs, and Mixers

Lee shares his journey of probiotic discovery beginning in St. Petersburg, Russia. I have yet to make the recipes but dying too!It is almost impossible to locate a book that gives a history, instructions, and recipes of how to make Kombucha. It is even less likely that you will find recipes that stretch beyond just the traditional drink. But this one does all this. |What I really liked was the history behind this healthy drink which we should all be drinking three times a day.

ALL I can say is you must buy this if you are already invested in making Kombucha, or if you have even the slightest bit of interested. Not just drink recipes but different ways to bring it to the table as salad dressing or in recipes! Only draw back not enough pictures. I like pictures with recipes!

The Wonder Drink
Kombucha—a fizzy, fermented tea-based beverage packed with probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes—has home brewers salivating.
About the author

Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee - Kombucha Revolution
STEPHEN LEE is a humble student of tea, its culture and its restorative effects. Stephen has co-founded and sold two of the country's best-known tea brands, Tazo Tea and Stash Tea. Stephen has now enjoyed 40 years in the premium tea business.

After discovering kombucha on one of his tea importing trips to Russia, Stephen launched Kombucha Wonder Drink in 2001. He has mastered a superbly balanced kombucha tea he offers to others so they too may enjoy this energizing beverage with benefits. Kombucha Wonder Drink can now be found in natural foods stores, grocery stores, pubs, spas, hotels, college campuses, and coffee and tea houses across North America.

He also recently launched Tea Tibet, a not-for-profit tea company benefiting Tibet. All profits go to Tibetan educational projects and orphanages.

Steve spends time with seven grandchildren, walks and journals extensively around the world, and enjoys good food and beverages.

"I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review."

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