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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Read this one!

I read this book with only one expectation to be moved and I was!. I prayed that God would use it in my life and in His Church to awaken us to an understanding of His instructions for such a time as this, and I was blown away.I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review of the book. Even though I was reading to write a review I was anticipating reading
. Dave highlighted research that exposed facts about the level of depravity in the world, which has for the most part gone unnoticed by the masses. This is a keeper! Do read today!

My experience when reading this book, included a mixture of responses such as...intrigue, surprise, fascination, mourning, deep sadness and yet also - a stirring of compassion for those who are lost in the bondage of the evil described.
This book is very well researched with a lot of quotes from key historical figures so you can hear people in their own words. 
Fiorazo’s chapter on Planned Parenthood and abortion is actually one of his better chapters. He takes an historical look at the development of the organization and its fight for abortion and the pro-choice position.Fiorazo spends a good deal of time talking about corruption and bias in the media. “We must understand some news outlets are definitely biased, and we need to listen, read, and watch!” (pg. 131). He never addresses the fact that conservative outlets are just as biased as liberal outlets. HE throws around the same pejorative language as Limbaugh and Gallagher, referring to media “elites.” He brings up the media’s love for Mr. Obama, proving once again that his real concern is political, not spiritual.
At the end of the book, Fiorazo rails against any form of faith that does not conform to his understanding of traditional conservative values. He brings up the Emerging Church, New Age, Oprah, Yoga, multiculturalism, contemplative prayer, and every other issue that is seen as a hot-topic issue for the conservative right.

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