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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fun book!

 It was a rare find to  read modern fiction worth reading with a good story line. Follow Colter as he is  alone.   His pa left him in charge of the ranch while he escorts a criminal to a nearby town—part of his job as sheriff of Goldtown. Jem’s anxious to prove he’s worthy of the responsibility.
When a calf turns up dead, Jem suspects a wolf. The Colter family can’t afford to lose their livelihood, four hooves at a time, and wait for Pa to get home. Jem takes his father’s rifle and his trusty horse, Copper, and sets up a stakeout. This series is a fun read. I enjoyed it quite a bit so let my 11 year old sister read it. She thought it was god but a little young , more fore a 10 year old. Cowboys. adventures and a young hero! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. it is well worth the read! Get all the books in this series today! Found on amazon!!
Jem’s faith and his dependence on God in times of difficulty and uncertainty is encouraging, and his respect and conviction to do the right thing is admirable. He is a great role model for juvenile readers. I love the way Marlow pulls in a lot of American history into her tales, such as the Pony Express, riverboats, and the building of the railroad and more made this book fun!I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lots of adventure and trouble for Jem to get into while his sheriff dad is away—and trouble he found! For awhile it was edge of the seat wondering what would happen next. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, coming in 2014, River of Peril.

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