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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Faygala, Yiddish Refugee


 Touching story that brought tears to my eyes as I read of
                                                                          one suffering  to reach freedom and leaving her            beloved. I was happily relieved  the ending was  a  pleasant one.  I half expected it  not to be since this a true   story written by the character Faygala's, daughter in law.
  The story opens up in 1915 in Russia where a  17 year     Jewish young women is  molested by Cossack solders .  She must flee to reach America  to be untied with her father in Ohio.
        Bettey Baker, has done a wonderful job  reconstructing this story
      which she has  heard from her  mother -in -law so many times.
           I recommend you get a copy and read it  out  loud to your  children.  Let  them experience  the terrifying thought that  perhaps today the soldiers will come and  destroy   I felt very sad for this poor girl who had  not seen her father  in 10 years .  He  had fled  so as not to be drafted into the army.  Follow the hardships to a happy ending.

I am a fan of world war1 and 11 books  and this one did  not disappoint. Short but  extremely well written , you won't want to miss. Add his to your collection today.  Find it on amazon!

Thank you  olive press for the book!

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