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Monday, June 20, 2016

Broken but healed

  A good short read which leads one into one women's heart break and how she healed.   One feels  like you are walking side  by side with  Lyn.  In fact  in this read, I learnt  what I would need to know to help others and  my self( I pray the Lord  not  have this in store for me). I felt I enjoyed the second half best written by  Lyn's new  husband.    This is an incredibly relevant and necessary book in our day and so good.  I do think those  who  know someone going into a divorce not of their will must read this book.  I pray I can pass this  on to others and that I  never  have to use  it in my life.   So many great verses   which made  me ponder  them. I have a applied it in my life to see if I am actually in Christ,    Short but a good afternoon read,

Thanks to olive press for the book

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