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Friday, June 3, 2016

All Summer long

All Summer Long: A San Francisco Romance (Follow Your Heart)

This  is a book about to be released  next week! This is the first book of the authors I have ever read. Surprisingly the plot involves a young  man who is engaged to the wrong girl.  I liked  him ( one of the main characters- there are three- two girls and one guy) but  found  he was a bit shallow. He should have  known he  loved  the first  girl before he proposed.  It is strange  how  Tia reappeared the  same day he  got engaged and ended up eating with the  engaged couple.  It seems the author never gives them time alone.  Also Mr handsome , as I will call him should  have known he was  supposed to pick out a ring,   Enough  about that, as there were a few fine parts.   I loved the setting on a house boat.

Tia an Italian who graduated from culinary school, decides to help her aunt set up a vacation boat for guests. As the chef she is excited about  her new life until she  meets a young man she know ten years ago .  Leo and Tia find they work well together but is his engagement running everything!

.I got this book from net gallery for an honest review.

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