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Monday, February 2, 2015

Christ changes the World!

This was a good read but I had trouble with some references the author made to movies I did not like such as the hunger games and Harry Potter. Also that  a lot of this book was the Bible being retold in Mikes words.

Yet in this short read we can see his love for Christ shinning out. I enjoyed this book  for the most part It brings  a sense of peace and life in Christ the living Lord.

My favorite quote was " The darkness of midnight does not mean that dawn is never coming.

The Resurrection in Your Life is based on 10 sermons that the author had preached.

1) He is Not Here (Lk 23:54-24:12)
2) Was it Not Necessary? (Lk 24:13-35)
3) The Peace of Certainty (Lk 24:36-49)
4) The Parting (Lk 24:50-53)
5) Leaving to Return (Ac 1:1-11)
6) A New Witness (Ac 1:12-26)
7) Like Tongues of Fire (Ac 2:1-13)
8) The Clock is Ticking (Ac 2:14-21)
9) Because Death Could Not Hold Him (Ac 2:22-41)

The author does a good job reminding us that  we have a living Lord. A pleasant read.

Cross Focused Reviews  provided  this book for me to review

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