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Saturday, March 15, 2014


La Montaña (Original Soundtrack)La Montaña

I was sure this was going to be good. I was a little disappointed. Having not seen the movie I find a little of it is heavy but after all it is movie music and the story from what I have read is intense .http://www.lamontana.us/ will give you more info on the true  christian guerrilla story. I hope to see it soon. Some of the music was beautiful such as the national anthem. I believe this story will speak to those in guerrilla lands. This is not sit down dinner music but would be great aerobics music or for long road trips to keep one awake. Order it on amazon or better yet go to http://www.shop.lifesentencepublishing.com/La-Montana-DVD-CD-20120-20500.htm
On a mountain in Colombia, paramilitary forces have Marxist rebels cornered against a high ridge without food. In search of a way out, the guerrillas ask an old friend (a missionary they had held hostage and released some 20 years ago) for the number of a humanitarian priest in hopes of finding someone to bring food to the mountain. The missionary mistakes the priests’ name for the head paramilitary leader and inadvertently gives the guerrilla commanders the wrong number. Through a humorous confusion, two sworn enemies end up face to face in an emotional encounter that unveils the very core of Colombia’s conflict and the journey each one must take to finally find peace in a lifetime of war.
Some of the  music is worth listening too!
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