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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Girls would Love!


A wonderful book which I just read ! I am saving  it as a birthday gift for my sister. It should have been made into a video! I enjoyed the trailer!! Go the web site for a preview of the book, http://www.nlpg.com/i-am-ruth-a-story-of-loss-love-redemption

The pictures in this book are so beautiful.  I was drawn into this story!! This was  made in Israel so you get a real look into her world! All girls enjoy this story so you will too!

This would make a perfect coffee table book! You will get lost in a norther world full of sorrow, troubles and joys.  See God's redeeming hand in a life of Ruth! The front of the book caught my attention!he book of Ruth doesn’t exactly begin as a happy story. Within the first three verses, we learn that during the time of the Judges of Israel, the nation experienced a famine; Elimelech moved his wife Naomi and their two sons, Chilion and Mahlon, to Moab; and then Elimelech passes away, leaving Naomi to raise their sons alone.
Eventually, Mahlon and Chilion marry two Moabite women, Ruth and Orpah. 10 years later, Mahlon and Chilion pass away, leaving the three women completely alone.Could you renounce everything and everyone you’ve known for a single person? Would you give up everything for a land, people, culture and God that you barely knew? That’s what Ruth did.
Ruth and Naomi make it to Bethlehem just in time for the barley harvest. They have nothing and no real idea how they will provide for themselves. Ruth is an enterprising and hardworking young woman, though, so she asks Naomi if it’s okay for her to find a field and follow the harvesters so she can gather the barley the harvesters miss. Through God’s planning, the field Ruth chooses happens to belong to Naomi’s relative, Boaz.

Image of Brenda Carol Duff
Little did her mother know that the first and middle names she chose for her would actually describe two of Brenda's favorite interests. Brenda from the comic strip "Brenda Star," a redheaded reporter who loved to research a story, and Carol because her mom wanted her to sing. She's been singing since the age of four.
Research has been a part of Brenda's life for many years. She had the privilege of working for Liberty University for the dean of students and the president of the college, and also for radio syndication. During this time she took a few courses and majored in psychology.
She also worked in the City Secretary's Office of Irving, Texas and often researched ordinances and resolutions. Later she would work for an underwriter of commercial land loans, where she did a great deal of research on the land and principles of loan requests

Do red this book which I got free to review!

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