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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dino history!

Ever since I was young I read the few Dino books we had in our house but many gave a portion of the story.  Then as my love for history came up and especially in the study of Asia these creatures popped up!

Then a few years ago we went to the creation museum and after that my interest was rekindled.  Thanks to this book I was able to get a clear picture of the truth and why people from all ages wrote about them, drew about them- because they were real! Where do legends come from?  Indeed they are a mixture of truth with myth. This book made all the facts true that these large creatures did rome the earth with man! Even up to medieval times!! Perhaps today  one or more of these creatures lives on the earth.

The pictures and drawings made the  stories and science facts come alive.  Even a 3 year old at our church had me show him this book over and over again. This would make a perfect gift for a boy, or just about any one interested in some really fascinating facts about these mysteries beasts!

 Dave Woetzel    did a wonderful job catching my interest!


Thankyou or New Leaf Publishing Group.  for letting me reviw this book

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