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Monday, May 9, 2016

Your Story Matters

Emra Smith is an inspirational speaker, author of the book, Teatime Stories books and Life Coach.
Find her at EmraSmith.com  This is a mall book filled with inspiration! This book has 73  little pages to teach  one an important lesson that God is  molding  you to become more than you dreamed you could ever be.  Makes one want to slow down and view  each person differently. One will most certainly take time to listen. The size of this book makes it perfect to take with you on ones busy scheduled day.  The fist chapter is  about the authors  life  story full of pain but after that the other eight chapters are a devotional to help one share their  life story. In the end what I really got out of this quaint sized book was Rest more in God.  No story is to small to be told. Emma Smith explains the why and begins the process of how to tell your own story. well worth the read!


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