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Monday, May 16, 2016

BETROTHED: A Collection of LOVE STORIES Reflecting an Ancient Faith

BETROTHED: A Collection of LOVE STORIES Reflecting an Ancient FaithBETROTHED: A Collection of LOVE STORIES Reflecting an Ancient Faith

Dating? Courtship?  This  often leads to brokenness where after commitment  and before the wedding  either of the party has a right to break of the engagement.  I really appreciated this  new approach to love, with out the heart break.  Love must be awakened in God's timing. Love is not  totally based on feeling.  If you are  Christ's, then he must lead you.  This book was easy to read yet deep and full of excellent Biblical advice!  I found it  very hard to put  down because I wanted to learn about this  new way of finding a  mate. I loved how the authors told stories and examples from others betrothal stories   to help explain their Biblical points. This was quite an easy and interesting read. I love practical books like this; I read it in just a couple afternoons.

This is one of those books where you see families so closely knit with God that you see  him leading in all aspects, father, mother, son and daughter all feeling God's call of marriage to a particular person.  I loved how often times the young man ( and  women) had  not even spoken to the  girl( or man), he felt God called  him to marry.  There is  so much packed in this book with he ten stories of couples  who as it seems to me were wed the right way, that after I have passed it around to my siblings, I will re read it and ponder it.  I loved the focus on the book about praying, 

Biblical betrothal can basically be defined as a covenant that unites a man and woman in marriage, but is not physically consummated until the day of the wedding. Establishing a covenant before the wedding is the very thing God has done with us! He has made a covenant with us by the blood of Yeshua and the wedding is yet to come.

I think everyone should read this  and that this book should be introduced to churches. It will change your out  look on marriage, love and how you view others.  it certainly has  changed my life. Being single at age 30 is now ok with me because I am praying for God's timing  not trying to with hope for the  fun of courting or dating, It is a serious yet joyful commitment to look toward  matrimony. Don't miss out on this book which can be found on good reads, amazon and olive Press!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book from Olive Press Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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