A Grand read

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Please take time
                                                                Please take time to tell your children the entire story of God's
                                                             love in sending  his son. How did it all start?  This short
                                                             children's book is perfect.  It begins with creation  and covers
                                                                the resurrection.  I loved the authors  idea behind the story
                                                                  she wanted to share the message with two young boys and
                                                              could not find the right book, so she wrote her own. Lots of
                                                                       great Bible verses. Pictures will keep a child happy!
                                                                 One page a day for 26 days before Christmas is a great way
                                                              to use this book.

I could say more but it is time you pick it for your church, Sunday school, school, library, as gifts and for yourself. Use it now and keep as a treasure to bring out each winter. Also pass it out at your churches outreach programs and  nursing homes.

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