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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Seat on the playground

A Seat on the Playground: The Joys of a Special Needs Teacher A good short read  . I enjoyed this book written by a special needs teacher, who really ahs a heart for children. This book shows  how  her  life touches  other but that  even those with  problems can teach one lessons!   God has a reason for putting everyone and anyone in your path, don't overlook every person you meet.I sat up one night reading the entire book. I will read it again and again.Not only that but I cried  and laughed over it.    It should be given to every special needs teacher, parent and doctor. Do read it!
I absolutely loved reading this book; it was the kind that you enjoy reading every week and really pondering each chapter.  I already know of a friend who would love a copy from amazon. Some books I find a bore, and many I just whiz through but this one I really enjoyed taking my time over each page- each paragraph!. Each chapter was different and full of important lessons and thoughts.  I really hope to even go back and do  an even deeper study of the book.

Thanks olive press for the book to review!

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