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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Prayer book , worth the read!


A good short read!  Summary from the back cover:  

Faith Without Borders is a powerful book by Jeremy G. Woods that combines his previously published books, The Missing Ingredient in Our Prayer Life and Go For It! Motivating Christians to Do God's Will. The first part presents a blueprint for effective prayer---based upon God's Word. Jeremy G. Woods opens the door to three profound keys to prayer that turn "every day" prayer into mountain moving, miracle making prayer. The second part links prayer, missions, and ministry through poetry and creative writing. The third part, quite simply, teaches us to how to recognize God's will then do His will. The beauty of Faith Without Borders is that it addresses the most important aspects of our relationship with God. Jeremy G. Woods' no-nonsense look at our communication with God is long overdue and is a blessing to all who read it. Get your copy today and turn your faith walk into a prayer walk that will forever change your life!  

Getting up early in the morning to fix my eyes on Jesus through prayer and reading His Word is like setting my spiritual compass. 
These devotions are the perfect length to start each day. They would also be great as a family devotion at dinner time or at the end of the day. Each devotion is challenging and encourages the reader to do something or consider something that allows him or her to focus more on Jesus. We are encouraged to share more about Jesus, read the Bible to learn more about him, lean on His promises, and pray.

This is a great devotional book. The devotions are Biblically based and encourage the reader to really learn more about and rely more on Jesus. They are short, but full of a great deal of thought-provoking ideas. It is a lovely book that would make a wonderful gift as well.

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