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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Kitchen Ecosystem is a unique cookbook


I was very impressed with this cookbook despite the fact it lacked pictures. It does  have some wonderful ones though but just not quite enough.

The Kitchen Ecosystem will change how we think about food and cooking. Designed to to create and use ingredients that maximize flavor, these 400 recipes are derived from 40 common ingredients--from asparagus to fish to zucchini--used at each stage of its "life cycle": fresh, preserved, and in a main dish.

In each section, there are then recipes separated based on how you can use your ingredient: "eat some fresh" (uses the fresh ingredient in the recipe), "preserve some" (pickling, canning, drying, etc), "use the preserves", "use the scraps", and "make more" (makes further use of the toss-away liquid and such that was produced from one of the other recipes)..  I really think she hit it right on the spot with recipes for some very unique but favorite foods such as figs.Infact e even have our own fig tree growing in a pot  lot doors.Now, one  can prepare one dish and use the remaining ingredients for canning or other dishes.After all of the recipes, there is a complete section of different methods of preservation as well as a section featuring a variety of recipe techniques.Each ingredient covered gets its own chapter and starts with a chart showing the breakdown of recipes into their respective categories - using fresh ingredients, making preserves, using the preserves and finally using the scraps. 

The Kitchen Ecosystem is a wonderful cook book. It is the type of book that inspires you to be creative.  This book will be well used at our house. With over 400 recipes I highly recommend you order it!

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.". A positive review is neither expected nor guaranteed. All opinions are my own.

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