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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Praise for China’s Reforming Churches:

China's Reforming ChurchesI've always been fascinated with  China's history especially that which focuses on the church and mission work!
This book is great as it shows why reformation teaching is valuable. Also how China needs to get away from state churches which are nothing but a show.
 If you crave the real experience of God’s presence in your daily life then read this book! I have devoured books on this subject but it was the opening statement  more people go to church in China than in  the whole of Europe, which drew me in and continued  to do so as I read a most well developed history of the Presbyterians work in the land.
The author states why he feels like the church must turn Presbyterian in china to  succeed - they must turn from state organized churches  to Biblical churches.
 This is a book to inspire all Christians to greater faith and trust in God.   
The catechism in Appendix a was very insightful!
Simply put, there is much one can learn just by reading this volume, and what makes it even better is the way it's written, full of  history but yet very applicable!  
This book was burning with carefully researched writing which in fact made me wonder if  indeed America is on the back burner, in the Christian world!
There is a lot of deep theology in this book, as well as a lot of wisdom and practical encouragement so that both Christians in America and China can take heart!
Every Christian should read this volume to understand how to pray and to support missionaries.
Beautifully written and a valuable addition to any library.
China is truly a reforming nation.
This book is Jam packed full of history, you will not be disappointed with it so read today!
Reviewed for  Reformation Heritage Books

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