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Monday, January 20, 2014

Life changing book!

Life in Christ! by Jeremy Walker!
This book grabbed my attention because Lawson reviewed it and I respect him! This was a wonderful read which I am happy  to share  with my readers of my blog, Google plus and Amazon.
The theological precision was marvelous and I was touched deeply  by the truths on each page.
It was hard for me to put  it down and i read it every chance I could get,
Now I am going to use it a Bible study for myself.
In the opening chapter Jeremy hits right upon some truths of why we need Christ " We do not  begin life  as a believe in God."
This book humbled me as I saw God's gospel goodness,  This just not just full of the authors ideas but verses were scattered as well as quotes from other men  on every page!
Indeed this book teaches the doctrine  of the scriptures, how  one must  be born of God and he must draw us to him.
I was broken down at such a loving saviors mercy  towards sinners and I even cried ( yes that's how much this book moved me) especially as I read " there hangs  the bleeding dying  lamb..."
One night I stayed up hours to finish and my faith was deepened.
By the first chapter I knew this  one was the  book I would recommend to all I knew.  This is one book everyone should read this  year!

" We must cry to God who gives grace, to the humble.. Leave  the saving  to a sovereign  and merciful God."
Each chapter  has questions  which I recommend using in your  "quiet time."and then it would be perfect for a women's Bible study or used at family devotions.
I could go on and on about this book but most of all I hope it affects me in a lasting way.
For if one is in Christ he is a new being.  See how life is when  one is united  in Christ.
"The spirit gives a new heart which turns to Christ  in faith."
I loved the down to earth examples of every day people in chapter two as they hit hoe.  
" We rise to newness of life  in Him- ought we to be rid  of our grace and clothed and set free to live as God intends. Unsearchable  riches in Christ are not to be kept hidden.  
For " electing love, a love which chose us when  there was nothing  in us worth choosing.  it is a love vast as the ocean, loving kindness is full flood."
This book must be shared with all.

Please purchase book from Reformation  Heritage books.
This  book was sent to me by Cross Focused Reviews and all  statements are my own!

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